50 years in shape


The Chiodetti family


Chiodetti are descendants of shepherds from Abruzzo, who carried the sheep in transhumance in the Tuscia area of ​​Viterbo. Finally they settled here dedicating themselves to breeding, agriculture and the activity of a small dairy. The sale of the product took place on the farm, or in the weekly markets in the area.
At the end of the 90s, Gianni Chiodetti took over the production, experimenting and expanding the range. The production plant and the distribution network have only had their current dimensions since the early 2000s. The Chiodetti brand has been present at trade fairs such as Cibus, Salone del Gusto, Tuttofood.

The tradition

Linked to the territory

Linked to territory and tradition, but the result of research and experimentation. Gianni Chiodetti, supported by continuous comparison with industry technicians, is responsible for choosing enzymes and ferments, composing them in new mixtures, to achieve the optimal effect and create new types of cheeses. The production reflects the firm belief that tradition is valuable knowledge, to be used to build new goals. Chiodetti cheeses are distributed in qualified stores in central Italy and are on the menus of prestigious restaurants.

The offspring

Chiodetti are descendants of Abruzzese shepherds, who used to bring sheep on transhumance to the Tuscia viterbese area. Here they eventually settled, devoting themselves to breeding, farming and the operation of a small dairy. The product was sold on the farm, or at weekly markets in the area.


Gianni is the master cheesemaker and manages the company. His wife Rita and daughter Michela receive customers in the shop. His son Emanuele has a direct relationship with the commercial operators in the sector. Together with the twelve employees we are an organised, dynamic and strong choral system. We transform the milk into delicious fresh products, we mature with patience, we test the maturation of the wheels by touch and we turn them with exact cadence. We invest in product research, quality controls and advanced systems for energy saving and environmental protection.